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Thanks to Hashim for sharing info and links!

Please support Medical Marijuana. I am a patient and it has gotten me through some of the worst pain I’ve ever felt. As someone living with, functioning, managing and conquering Chronic pain/ Endometriosis/ Severe IBS/ Hiatal Hernia/ Acid Reflux etc. for 13 years, I would like to state that this has been much more affordable, pure, effective and sufficient for easing mind bending pain. The medications many Doctor’s put me on cost $100-$400 a month for ONE bottle.. ONE (out of the 10 I need(ed)), which ended up causing  many side effects, and really just caused me a great deal of frustration & pain. Not to mention.. $$$$$. 5 bottles of useless medication equals Rent for a month… did they EVER help me? NO! Not one Bottle. Pain pills are the alternative? How does that make any sense? A viscous cycle we need to break! Medical Marijuana shops are being shut down by the DEA & FEDS every day… making it nearly impossible to safely access much needed help. I myself was a ‘bud-tender” and a majority of the patients I helped were Cancer patients or had some sort of debilitating disease/pain etc. Stand up and support!

❤ * ! ~LJL~

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