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Source – Gaia Healing <— Check them out on FB 🙂
“~ Communication ~
Our journey holds within it deep lessons about connection to other people.
We are not born in isolation and even though at times it feels it would be better to be alone – the simple fact is that ever other being on this planet is part of us and we are a part of them.

Connecting to other people is living –
Communication is the tool we use to make these connections.

The key to communication is finding commonality within the connection and listening.

For instance – when we read a post on facebook – we can reply to the post in the way we feel we want to reply or we can listen to our heart the voice of our spirit and reply in the way our spirit is guiding us to reply.
You can always ask of the Light to guide your communications – to allow you to speak the words that the person you are communicating to needs to hear.

Sometimes what we want to say – is not what is needed to be heard.
And sometimes what we are guided to say is something we never thought to say to that person.
Every situation and interaction is different.

Sometimes the most important form of communication is just listening.
When someone is speaking to us – they want to know that you have heard them – they want to feel that their communication is important and valid.
Sometimes what they share does not resonate with your journey – but this does not mean it is not important to them.

Sometimes it is more important to allow the flow of communication that the other person needs rather than to speak of what we want to say ~

Connection is all about building bridges between two paths.
Remember – no two paths are the same – but we can create similarities between paths when we communicate.

~ Communication is essentially maintaining the flow of energy ~

As you know there are many different energies that flow in this space.
We can choose to communicate using healing words, ego words, negative words, uplifting words, positive words, hurtful words, neutral word or unhearing words.

~ All words have energy and all words also carry the energy that is behind their flow ~

As spiritual beings our journey is all about connection – connection that helps maintain flow.
If we walk with the focus that our every action should be a healing action – we can communicate with a focus on healing words.

Remember also that the person we are communicating with feels the words we use.
If they do not resonate with their being – then they will not fully accept the words that are shared.

In my learning about communication it is important to ~
1. Listen
2. Stop and feel the guidance of the Light for the communication
3. Check our words are healing words
4. Feel for flow within your communication

I know at times language differences can also impact on how our communication is given and received.
It is important to not give up on communication but to look for the bridge that can be built between the two people – so that a pathway can be begun.

Remember communication is the tool we use to connect to each other.
If we can make a connection – we can also begin a journey with someone and if we can begin a journey with someone – we can grow together ~
~ Blessings ~”