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Interview with Dr Kirby Surprise, author of Synchronicity
Author: Jaime Leal Anaya 
The heralds and defenders of our innate and extraordinary human potential, the creative divine-like qualities we possess as consciously aware beings with the power of thought and choice, come from an unexpected and surprising place in our modern era. They do not belong to a monastery or mystical tradition that requires our blind faith in them and their message but rather walk the corridors of universities around the world and work directly in the field, in hot pursuit of science and understanding the mysteries of the human.

Modern discoveries in neuroscience and understanding the human brain as a supercomputer with vast potential has helped demystify much of the old gaps in knowledge and religious superstition. The magical and apparently unexplained world of synchronicities, meaningful coincidences, and déjà vu are not spared from the sharp and truly open minded scrutiny of scientific exploration and discovery. Such is the work, not surprisingly, of Dr Kirby Surprise, a hands-on clinical psychologist, who works in an advanced outpatient program for the State of California, and the author of the recent book, Synchronicity, the Art of Coincidence, Choice, and Unlocking Your MindSuperConsciousness had the opportunity to interview Dr Surprise about his work and research on Synchronicity and the discovery that Synchronicity Events are not the action of external forces or deities but a mirror of our own thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs we create and manifest in our environment. This is the kind of scientific research that removes the power we have given to other people, amulets or beliefs, and places it squarely back on our shoulders as the authors and designers of our own life and destiny.

Synchronistically, we live in extraordinary times of discovery and enlightenment, a new Renaissance of the arts but this time the highest art of the human mind — science! Do not miss this important interview with Dr Surprise.

SuperConsciousness: Can you tell us a little bit about what inspired you to study coincidences or synchronistic events?

Dr. Kirby Surprise: I had a bunch of synchronistic events during my years in college, 20 or 30 a day! I had to find out what they were, especially coming from a culture that knew nothing about them.

SC: How would you describe or define synchronicity?

KS: Synchronistic events happen when people see a meaningful connection between external events and their own internal states. All of these synchronistic events are actually reflections of people’s internal processes. So whenever I listen to someone say, “Well, how do you explain this; I was writing a paragraph and listening to the radio, and as I was writing at the exact same moment the commentator on the radio said the phrase I was writing on the paper?” If you understand them as reflections of what people are thinking and feeling, most synchronistic events become very explainable.


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