I choose art!!!

Moment Matters

Some are pleasing to see, while many are appropriated as vandalism.

Graffiti. Sometimes art, sometimes not. blank wall, city streets, cool graffiti, colorful art in form of graffiti, vandalism, dirty wall

A modern city, with clear cut architecture, black and white picturesque, is lacking color. Art is a wonderful output of humans, yet less space is allotted to it.

You cannot hang a painting on the streets – it’ll get stolen in a heartbeat. People can’t perform on the wall as if in a theater – it’ll increase the crowd. So in what form can art be in the city? Graffiti is a debate.

Is Art.

Have you seen a wall? It’s as boring as it gets. It’s a blank vertical, too simple to insinuate anything other than set a boundary. It’s like a canvas; the purpose is served in the event of art creation. Graffiti makes a wall interesting, deserving a longer glance. Even appreciation.

Is Not.

See the Graffiti above? Our perceptions may differ; but for me, this looks…

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