Today did not mean “Be Silent”. Yes there is a message of solidarity, but what’s more important is getting to the root of racism and ignorance, calling people out when you see or hear racist and ignorant behaviors and actions coming from ANYONE, Non-violent communication, calling out corruption and abuse of power by holding them accountable (calling & emailing county, state, and county offices), and finding our ways back to the center of Love for each other and ourselves in order to promote and continue healing. There are many ways to show support and create action and movement in order to allow change to be planted, nourished, and thrive. Obviously showing support through social media platforms, but also utilizing the power and reach of social media in order to raise up voices that are constantly silenced which has been happening for so long!, finding resources to broaden your understanding, taking action through community involvement and volunteering at organizations, showing support with an open mind and heart (and not just this week, always!), shining as much light as possible on #amplifymelanatedvoices and the injustice, abuse of power, and corruption STILL occuring with the establishment we are a part of while holding them, ourselves, and each other responsible for how we move forward. Continue speaking up, asking questions, reading and informing ourselves, volunteering, taking peaceful action, unlearning and relearning new ways by changing programmed consciousness and behaviors, through conversations, looking into community involvement, etc. We as individuals can step up in countless ways to expand our awareness, empathy wisdom, Love, and compassion, in order to work together in healthier and more harmonious ways while forging new paths and leading by example. I agree with @mspackyetti COMPLETELY. Please go to her page and share her video! I recorded it so I could share it in its entirety. 🕊️💜🌐🔊